Think. Build. Grow.

A Coworking & Incubator Space at 416 Clematis

Startup Palm Beach is an Entrepreneur Resource Center (“ERC”) in West Palm Beach. The ERC will include coworking space as well as a private incubator and accelerator program with startup competitions. The aim is to catalyze the launch and success of high-growth, high-impact new businesses and create high-value jobs.

Startup Palm Beach offers educational workshops, mentorship and funding programs in order to empower entrepreneurs to Think, Build and Grow. Unlike our competitors who are focused on capitalizing on the concept of coworking, Startup Palm Beach is focused on providing service-based leadership, putting the startup first and driving positive development and innovation.

Startup Palm Beach Capital is an angel investment company. The mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and launch high-growth, high-impact startups in Palm Beach County. The fund is primarily geared towards investments in West Palm Beach, but also has a global network.